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Designer Ceramic Tiles

We produce high-quality ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, which will perfectly enliven your interior.

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Get to know Tileme

about us

Get to know Tileme

Hello there! We are a young brand from Slovakia that makes handmade ceramic tiles. Tileme brand was established in 2017 and combines a love of design and ceramics.

Countless color shades, shapes and their combinations make a unique design element from these tiles.

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Design according to ideas

You can create a tile design according to your imagination. Different combinations of shapes and colors offer an infinite number of options.

Custom design

We can make custom ceramic tiles and adapt them so that they fit exactly into your space. We pay attention to every detail.


We will be happy to help you with everything. Whether it is the choice of the tiles themselves, their colors or measuring your space. You can safely turn to us with confidence.

Original tiles

Handmade has its own magic

Original tiles

Handmade has its own magic

All ceramic tiles are produced in our studio in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Before the final tile is formed from a piece of clay, it must pass through our hands several times.
We cut, grind, smooth and fire each tile to its final shape. Thanks to handmade production, subtle variations in size or color are created. These “imperfections” give the tiles a unique charm.

We use proven procedures, modern technologies and quality materials in production. We fire tiles at high temperatures, thanks to which they acquire excellent properties.

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Characteristics of our tiles

What makes them unique?

Design and colors

Timeless design with beautiful colors that together create an original whole.

Focus on detail

Every detail of the tile is made by hand, thanks to which each becomes a unique piece.

Long life

We use quality materials and modern technologies, thanks to which they acquire excellent utility properties.

Choose by yourself

You can choose from variety of colors and shapes. We’ll take care of the rest.


All tiles are handmade from the very beginning to the end. Subtle variations in size or color will enhance the overall impression that these tiles create.

Made in Slovakia

We produce, glaze and fire tiles in our studio in Bratislava. Come take a look at our showroom, where you will find many patterns and colors.



In addition to the production itself, we also offer sticking tiles to the fiberglass mesh and “Custom made” service to fit them to your space. This will make your installation much easier.

The basic price for 1m2 is 240 €

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Kitchen backsplash with white fish scale tiles

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