Technical information

Tile size: various, according to requirements.
Maximum up to 200 x 200 mm.
Number per sqm: 100 pcs (at 97 x 97 mm).
Thickness: approx. 8 mm.
Delivery time: For standard production within 5 weeks. Minimum 7 weeks for custom made production. The delivery time may also vary depending on the quantity ordered.

275 € / m2

A timeless classic

These tiles are an eternal classic that never goes wrong. The timeless design has been around for centuries and is guaranteed to never go out of style. With this shape, lovers of modern interiors but also the popular retro will find their own.

Layout options:

Keramický obklad na stenu do kuchyne - Smaragdovo zelené štvorce - Kuchynská zástena

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