Plant tiles

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Plant tiles

Technical informations

Size: 97 x 97 mm.
Number per m2: 100 pcs.
Thickness: approx. 8 mm.
Color variants: Caramel, pale turquoise, petrol, blue green, forest green, emerald, paris blue, cappuccino, honey, leaf
Delivery: Standard production takes about 3 weeks. Custom made production takes minimum 5 weeks. Delivery time also depends on total order quantity.

260 € / m2

+ 30 € sticking to the mesh (m2)


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Inspired by nature itself

Inspired by nature itself

As unique as every blade of grass is, so unique are these plant tiles. Inimitable pieces are created by pushing various flowers, plants, herbs, leaves or wood. They bring colors, softness, harmony and playfulness to the kitchen. Each piece carries originality and simplicity at the same time.


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