Technical informations

Size: 74 x 85 mm (big), 60 x 69 mm (small).
Number per m2: 216 pcs (big), 314 pcs (small).
Thickness: approx. 8 mm.
Delivery: Standard production takes about 3 weeks. Custom made production takes minimum 5 weeks. Delivery time also depends on total order quantity.

240 € m2

+ 35 € sticking to the mesh (m2)


Color sampler

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Hexagons cannot be missed

Hexagons cannot be missed

The shape of the hexagonal tiles resembles bee plastic. All that is missing is a flying bee or a cup of honey. They perfectly fill the space with harmony and warmth of home. These tiles stand out best, for example in the color of caramel or even in the distinctive petrol color.


Hexagon - layout
Hexagon - layout

Gallery of hexagon tiles