Technical information

Tile size: 74 x 85 mm (large), 60 x 69 mm (small).
Number per m2: 216 pcs (large), 314 pcs (small).
Thickness: approx. 8 mm.
Delivery time: For standard production within 3 weeks. Minimum 5 weeks for custom made production. The delivery time may also vary depending on the quantity ordered.

Hexagons cannot be missed

The hexagonal tiles resemble bee plastic in shape. The only thing missing is a flying bee or a jar of honey. They perfectly fill the space with harmony and warmth of home. These tiles stand out best, for example, in caramel or even in a bold petrol colour.

Layout options:

Keramický obklad mozaika do kuchyne - obklad na stenu - azúrova modrá - kuchynská zástena


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