Fish scales

Technical information

Tile size: 114 x 100 mm (large), 92 x 81 mm (small).
Number per sqm: 153 pcs (large), 231 pcs (small).
Thickness: approx. 8 mm.
Delivery time: For standard production within 5 weeks. Minimum 7 weeks for custom made production. The delivery time may also vary depending on the quantity ordered.

275 € / m2

A popular choice for the bathroom

Scales are said to bring good luck. Why not treat yourself to such happiness in the form of trendy tiles? They resemble the skin of a fish and are therefore perfectly suited for the bathroom, where they can evoke the fresh feeling of the sea world and the sound of the waves.

Layout options:

Keramický obklad na stenu do kúpeľne - Mozaika obklad rybie šupiny - Petrolejová farba

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