Technical information

Tile size: 115 x 65 mm (large), 94 x 53 mm (small).
Number per sqm: 260 pcs (large), 395 pcs (small).
Thickness: approx. 8 mm.
Delivery time: For standard production within 3 weeks. Minimum 5 weeks for custom made production. The delivery time may also vary depending on the quantity ordered.

Design gem

With diamond tiles, you can literally let your imagination run wild. Thanks to their unique shape, they can be played in many ways. Whether you opt for unusual storage or reach for an imaginative colour combination, this shape will add a new and unique dimension to your home.

Layout options:

Keramický obklad na stenu do kuchyne - obklad mozaika diamant - Modro zelené - Kuchynská zástena

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