Custom made tiles

We adjust the tiles

Exactly into space

In addition to the standard production of tiles, we also provide the “custom made” service.

It doesn’t just mean you can choose different shapes in your favourite color. We will make tiles to measure according to the specified dimensions of the tiled space so that you can just stick them to the wall and do not have to worry about measuring, counting or trimming.

We will prepare the tiles on fibreglass mesh and you can simply arrange them according to the plan we have supplied.

Advantages of “Custom made”

Advantages of “Custom made”

  • You don’t have to cut anything on the spot
  • No waste
  • You don’t have to order extra tiles..
  • All edges are smooth
  • We can also make holes to the tiles for sockets and switches
  • Faster installation
  • We will supply the tiles together with the graphic plan

You dream

We create

If you are interested in “Custom made” service or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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